About Us

About Us


About Us


SFIDA Cycling was born in 2017, after many years in the cycling tour industry, I thought it was time to start my own company, so here I am, taking on a big and exciting challenge, to fulfill our clients cycling dreams.

At SFIDA Cycling, our aim is to develop cycling adventures that will give a memorable and at the same time a challenging experience to the riders that decide to join on a SFIDA Cycling trip.

To design a cycling tour is easy, we all, passionate cyclist, have many ideas in mind, SFIDA Cycling’s goal is to ensure that our trip becomes a real experience, so we offer the highest level of support to our committed clients.

Your SFIDA Cycling experience starts many months before you meet us at an airport or hotel on day one. We go through extensive planning on any trip we include in our selected calendar. Small details are what will make the difference on these trips, so we try to make sure all is accounted for before taking our clients into the most amazing rides imaginable.

This is the reason our staff is only formed by the top people in the industry, being a good cyclist is only the starting point to become a SFIDA Cycling staff member. Great clients deserve the best staff and we are committed to offer only first class service and support, we value the trust our clients have on us.

Our staff, your guides

At SFIDA Cycling our team has only one goal, that you have the most memorable experience on any trip you decide to come with us.

ARON WISHLEY Founder & Director

NIMA SEDAN Chief Executive Officer

JOHN FALMI Head Manager