SFIDA is an Italian name, meaning “challenge” in English. There are no more challenging and varied climbs than the ones you can find in Italy, so that’s why a good part of our calendar is committed to explore different regions of Italy. From the Dolomites to the Piemonte to Lombardia. From the glorious landscapes around Corvara in Badia to the majestuous big mountains of the Italian Alps. Iconic climbs like Stelvio, Passo Giau, Mortirolo or Gavia are in our itineraries along other less know but maybe even more epic like Colle della Fauniera or Passo San Pellegrino.

Expect our Italian trip offer to keep growing with newer destinations, so much to ride in Italy… Italy is also the home of the Giro d’Italia, our vast experience on this race means that our trips to the Giro are always well planned so you can make them see and live what is probably the most exciting Grand Tour in the calendar.

To top it all, great accommodation and tasty food makes definitely any cycling trip in Italy an unforgettable memory. And don’t forget the coffee!!!