Welcome to our first SFIDA Bali trip. We will take you to discover how great it is riding on the Island of Gods. Besides the great riding, we will enjoy luxurious accommodation in Ubud, the cultural centre of Bali.

Other great features of this trip: tasting some of the most delicious food you can imagine, visiting some cultural and religious places, seeing the Kecak and Barong dances, riding up to Kintamani and Bedugul and enjoying some amazing landscapes.

All with the usual SFIDA Cycling first-class support and guidance by Tony and his local team.

DISTANCE: 430km              daily average: 86km              

CLIMBING: 6,575m         daily average: 1,315m

  • Duration:6 days
  • DATES : Feb 02 - Feb 08
    • HOTEL:4 Stars
    • MEALS:All meals included
    • ARRIVAL:Denpasar Airport (DPS)
    • DEPARTURE:Denpasar Airport (DPS)
    • RENTAL BIKE and E-BIKE:Available
  • PRICE :


DAY 1: Welcome to Bali!

Welcome to Bali. As we expect the clients to arrive on different days and times, we will help to organize the transfers but this will be paid separately by the clients.

We will meet at our hotel for the duration of the trip, once we all check in, we will prepare the bikes, have an orientation trip meeting and go to Ubud for dinner.

Hotel for the duration of the trip: The Garcia Ubud.

DAY 2: Beautiful places in Bali.

For our ride ride in Bali, we have prepared an amazing route near Ubud. This covers some very interesting cultural places and also some scenic landscapes.

We will start visiting, in this order: Goa Gajah, Gunung Kawi and the water temple of Tirta Empul. These are not big temples but very important in the Balinese culture.

After, we will continue our ride and have lunch at a restaurant overlooking the famous Tegalalang rice terraces.

Once back at our hotel, time to rest and in the evening we will see a Kecak dance show and dinner afterwards.

80km / 1,160m.

Places of interest: Goa Gajah, Gunung Kawi and Tirta Empul. Tegalalang rice terraces.

DAY 3: Stunning ride around Jatiluwih.

We have another great ride today, we will head north from Ubud towards the rice fields of Jatiluwih. Unlike the Tegalalang, these ones are in a bigger area and are definitely one of the most productive rice fields in Bali.

We have chosen a very scenic route to get to Jalituwih, via a narrow road, parts of it in a jungle landscape. We will have a coffee and snacks stop at a cafe with great views.

On our way back to Ubud, we will visit the Sangeh Monkey Forest, this is not as popular as Ubud’s and it is a quieter place to visit some temples and see the famous monkeys.

Dinner will be in Ubud.

88km / 1,220m.

Places of interest: Jatiluwih ride fields, Sangeh Monkey Forest.

DAY 4: Goa Lawah and Babi Guling banquet.

Our ride today will take us to the coastal temple of Goa Lawah. This route goes via the hills of Sidemen, another scenic detour.

Goa Lawah, also known as Bat Temple, is one of the six holiest places in Bali. Not a big place but worth the visit.

Once we start riding back, our main goal is not cultural anymore. We will go to one of the most popular Babi Guling restaurants, visited by the Balinese and visitors alike. Babi Guling is one of the best meals you can experience in Bali, the pork is stuffed and slow-roasted in the spit, until the skin in crispy and ready to be enjoyed on a dish with different parts of the pork, some vegetables and rice.

After our lunch, it is a short ride back to our resort in Ubud.  Tonight’s dinner will be at our hotel.

101km / 1,275m
Places of interest: Sidemen Terraces, Goa Lawah.

DAY 5: Climb up to Kintamani, at the edge of the volcano.

The ride up Kintamani is the quintessential Bali climb, there are many ways up this magnificent lookout town.

We are taking a route via some secondary roads, this is not a hard climb, just a long one. Once at the top, we will be able to enjoy great views over Gunnung Batur, one of the big dormant volcanoes in Bali.

The descent from Kintamani is also amazing, with no hills to Ubud.

Today we will see the Barong Dance show before dinner,

81km / 1,385m
CLIMB: Kintamani.

DAY 6: Bedugul and Batur Temple and lake.

For our last ride, we are riding up to Bedugul. Here we will visit the Danau temple and enjoy the scenic location of this place by the lake.

On our way back, we will ride through the Jatiluwih ride terraces in the opposite direction we did some days ago. This is a fantastic way to end our riding in Bali.

Dinner will be at a restaurant in Ubud.

107km / 1,980m
CLIMB: Bedugul.

Places of interest: Batur temple and lake.

DAY 7: Selamat Pagi and have a great trip back home.

After breakfast, our trip ends. We will help you to organize transport to the Denpasar Airport or any other destination within Bali, at your own cost.