Welcome to our SFIDA TDF Gran Final trip.

For first time, the TDF is not ending in Paris, given that the Paris Olympic Games will start close to the end of the race dates, instead, Nice has been chosen as alternative for the Gran Final.

Similar to our Grande Partenza, we find that the most interesting stages are concentrated, in this case, at the final days of the race. The last five days promise to be very tough and decisive.

The TDF 2024 route, starting in Florence and ending in Nice, only 400km away, involves a lot of riding in parts of Central France and just a bit in the Pyrenees. However these parts of France are in beautiful countryside and through nice towns, we, at SFIDA Cycling, prefer to focus our trips in the mountainous regions.

For this reason, on the SFIDA TDF Gran Final will start at the Mont Ventoux, then go to the high French Alps region and from there, we will follow part of the route to Nice.

On this trip we will watch live the stages 17, 20 and 21. This will give us ample of time to experience the race close by and also, and very important, add a good number of bucket list climbs to your cycling biography.

On this trip, expect to climb some of the most amazing climbs like: Mont Ventoux (from Bedoin and Maulacene), Alpe d’Huez, Col de la Croix de Fer, Col du Galibier, Col d’Izoard, Col de Vars and the Col de la Bonette, Europe highest pass.

Once we reach Nice, we have designed three great rides to end this trip in a high. We will visit the classics Col d’Eze, Col de Madone, Col de Braus, Col de Turini and Col de Vence. All combined with great TDF live viewing.

Dates 2024

12 to 22 July 2024                              

Distance: 820km*              daily average: 82km
Climbing: 21,200m*          daily average: 2,120m 

*On our TDF live viewing days, we can’t guarantee that we will be riding all what we have planned. Road closures may limit our riding on those days.


  • Duration:10 days
  • DATES : Jul 12 - Jul 22
    • HOTELS:3-4 Stars
    • MEALS:All meals included
    • ARRIVAL:Nice Airport (NCE)
    • DEPARTURE:Nice Airport (NCE)
    • NON RIDER:20% discount
    • RENTAL BIKE:Available
    • RENTAL E-BIKE:Available
  • PRICE :


DAY 1: Benvenue a la France.
Meet the SFIDA Cycling team at the Nice Airport (NCE) or a designated hotel nearby.

Once the group is together, we will transfer by van to our hotel in Bedoin, this is a 3 hours transfer.

Upon arrival, we will proceed with our usual trip presentation, bike build-up and fitting and lunch.

For our first ride in France, we have planned to take our clients to the beautiful Gorges de la Nesque, this is one of the nicest roads in Provence and a perfect ride to start our trip.

The Gorges de la Nesque are very scenic and quiet, after the top we will descend to Monnieux. Then climb up the so called “Mur de Monnieux”, a short steep climb to reach the road to Mormoiron and onto Bedoin to end today’s ride.

The Mur de Monnieux…well, as some of you say…if there’s a steep climb, Tony will find it…even in France!

Dinner in Bedoin.


Day 1
65km / 1.150m.
CLIMB: Gorges de la Nesque.
HOTEL: Hotel des Pins

DAY 2: Mont Ventoux…twice!.

For our second ride we have a double ascend to the epic Mont Ventoux, the Giant of Provence.

This climb has been used many times at the TDF, mostly as a summit finish. Today we plan to climb it twice, from Bedoin and Maulacene.

Both sides have nearly the same distance and elevation gain, but somehow, the Bedoin one always looks a bit harder. Maybe it is because the first few kilometers have low gradient, then there is the endless steeper middle section in the forest, and finally, the last section from the Chalet Reynard, this segment seems harder that what it really is. Definitely this is the most famous side too.

Just a couple of kilometers from the top on your right, you can see the monument to Tom Simpson, the British cyclist that lost his life near that spot during the 13th stage of the 1967 TDF.

Once we reach the top for first time, we will descend to Maulacene, have lunch and climb up that side. This should be another amazing day for our clients.

Dinner in Bedoin.

Day 2
87km / 3,155m.
CLIMBS: Mont Ventoux from Bedoin and from Maulacene.
HOTEL: Hotel des Pins

DAY 3: Alpe d’Huez, 21 hairpins to glory.


Early morning we will transfer from Bedoin to Alpe d’Huez.


From now on, we will be riding in the French Alps and be assured that we will ride some of the most iconic climbs in the region all the way back to Nice.


Today we start with the most famous climb in France, and maybe in Europe, the Alpe d’Huez. First climbed at the TDF in 1952, it was also the first time that a stage was followed by motorcycles with tv cameras. The winner of the stage was the legendary Fausto Coppi.


Our clients will enjoy a beautiful ride down the valley via the cliff road via Villard Reculas, then down to Allemond, cycle path to Bourg d’Oisans for coffee.


From Bourg d’Oisans, the most iconic 21 hairpins are waiting for you to climb all the way to the official TDF finish line in Alpe d’Huez.

Note that each hairpin is numbered in ascending order, and each have the name of one of two cyclist that have won a stage at the summit.

Dinner at the hotel.


Day 3
45km / 1,265m.
CLIMB: Alpe d’Huez.
HOTEL: Hotel Grandes Rousses 

DAY 4: Cols de la Croix de Fer, Telegraphe and Galibier, epic loop.

We will attempt a big ride today, note that you can stop at anytime if your think this is a too long ride for you.

Once we leave our hotel we will ride the same route to Allemond, from there, the Col de la Croix de Fer starts, this is a 30km long climb with 1,600m of elevation gain. Not the hardest but definitely one of the nicest, specially the section of the Grand Maison lake all the way to the top.

Once you arrive to the top and see the Croix de Fer (Iron Cross), you made it to one of the cycling santuary’s in the Alps.

From the top it is a long and thrilling descend to Saint Jean de Maurienne. From there we will ride along the Maurienne valley until we reach Saint Jean’s sister town, Saint Michel.

From Saint Michel de Maurienne we will start climbing up the Col du Telegraphe, this climb is forever tied up with the Col du Galibier, as there is only a few kilometers of downhill in between them.

After reaching the top of the Telegraphe, a short descent takes us to Valloire (where the TDF Stage 4 ended a few days ago), here we will start the climb up the Col du Galibier, one of the French Alps giants.

This side of the Galibier is very spectacular, and tough, specially the section from Plan Lachat to the top, 9km of memorable memories ahead.

From the top of the Galibier, we will descend to the Col de Lautaret and continue descending on the main road all the way to Bourg d’Oisans, where our ride will end.

This is a long and beautiful ride, tough too but very rewarding. 

Dinner at the hotel.

Day 4
long ride: 170km / 4,200m. or short ride: 80km / 2,000m.
CLIMBS: Col de la Croix de Fer, Col du Telegraphe, Col du Galibier.
HOTEL:  Hotel Grandes Rousses

DAY 5: Col de la Sarenne, the back side of the Alpe.


Today, after a huge ride yesterday, we are offering you a shorter ride, kind of the usual SFIDA recovery ride…only one climb.


We will descend first to La Garde, then turn left to the Route de la Roche, one of the spectacular cliff roads that abound in this area. 


Once we reach Le Freney en Oisans, we will join the Col du Lautaret road briefly to Mizoen. In Mizoen we will start the climb up to Col de la Sarenne, this road will take us back up the Alpe d’Huez on a less used road. 


Col de la Sarenne is a beautiful climb, that goes close to 2,000m. high.

After this ride, you would have covered most of the riding near the Alpe d’Huez area.

Dinner at the hotel.


Day 5
48km / 1,700m.
CLIMBS: Route de la Roche (cliff road), Col de la Sarenne.
HOTEL: Hotel Grandes Rousses

DAY 6: TDF STAGE 17: Live viewing.


TDF STAGE 17: Saint Paul Trois-Chateaux to Superdevoluy 179km.


After an early breakfast, we transfer from Alpe d’Huez to Aubessagne. Here will start a short ride to Saint-Bonnet-en-Champsaur.


From Saint Bonnet, we will follow the last kilometers of today’s stage, including the Col de Noyer and the last climb up to the ski station of Superdevoluy. 


This is the first stage back in the Alps, and we can expect a lot of action from today to the last stage in Nice in five days time.


After watching the end of the stage, we will transfer to Briancon.

Dinner in Briancon.


Day 6
37km / 1,160m.
CLIMBS: Col de Noyer, Superdevoluy.
HOTEL:  Hotel Vauban

DAY 7: Cols de Vars and Bonette.


After a short transfer to Guillestre, we will start climbing up the Col de Vars. 


Next is a descend to the Ubaye valley up to Jausiers. From this beautiful town we will start climbing the second mountain of the day, and this is the Col de la Bonette. At 2,802m. high, this is the highest pass in Europe.


La Bonette is a very nice climb, with high alpine landscapes and a summit with great views. Once we all reach the top, we will descend to the Tinee valley all the way to Pont de Clans, where our ride will end.


Today’s ride is part of the stage 19, tomorrow’s stage. In order to enjoy this epic ride, we prefer to ride it the day before the peloton, so all our clients can ride at their own pace and enjoy those two big climbs.

Dinner in Nice.


Day 7
131km / 3,000m.
CLIMBS: Col de Vars, Col de la Bonette.
HOTEL:  Radisson Hotel Nice Airport

DAY 8: Col d’Eze and Col de Madone, classic Nice climbs.


A truly Nice ride today, this beautiful Mediterranean city is going to be super busy in the next couple of days.

For this reason, we plan to combine watching live the last two stages plus riding (climbing), some of the most iconic climbs in the area without the stress of doing it when the race is on.


Today we start riding along the Promenade des Anglais up to the old Nice quartier, then head toward the Col d’Eze, this is the closest climb from Nice.

Col d’Eze has been used multiple time during the Paris-Nice stage race, it is amazing how quickly you get out of Nice and get great views over the sea.


Next we will descend to La Turbie and continue to Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, near Menton. Here we will start another popular climb, the Col de Madone. This climb is used regularly by the many professional riders that live in the area, mainly in Monaco.


From the top of de Madone, we will descend back to La Turbie via the Peille road. From there, a short climb up Col d’Eze before returning back to Nice on the Moyen Corniche.


Note that some of the roads we will be riding today, will be used during Sunday’s last stage, a ITT from Monaco to Nice.

Dinner in Nice.


Day 8
77km / 1,700m.
CLIMBS: Col d’Eze, Col de Madone.
HOTEL: Radisson Hotel Nice Airport

DAY 9: TDF STAGE 20: Live viewing.


TDF STAGE 20: Nice to Col de la Couillole 138km.


Early start today, as we plan to watch the TDF along our ride.

We will follow the same stage route, starting with a ride to L’Escarene, then climb the beautiful Col de Braus with its classic hairpins.


From the top of the Col de Braus, we will descend to Sospel, we can expect this town to be full of ambience ahead of the peloton.

After refreshments in Sospel, we will climb up the Col de Turini, this is the second climb of the day. It is hard to say if yesterday’s or today are the Queen stages on this edition of the TDF, both have a lot of climbing!


The Col de Turini is a 24km long with 1,300m. of climbing. It can be climbed from three different sides, today, from Sospel via Moulinet, it is the usual side used during the TDF.


We will watch the stage go through from the top of the Col de Turini, afterwards we will descend to L’Escarene via the Lacets de L’Escarene. End of the day with a transfer to our hotel in Nice.

Dinner in Nice.


Day 9
98km / 2,660m.
CLIMBS: Col de Nice, Col de Braus, Col de Turini. Descend via the lacets de l’Escarene.
HOTEL:  Radisson Hotel Nice Airport

DAY 10: TDF STAGE 21: Live viewing.


TDF STAGE 21: Monaco to Nice, ITT 34km.


Today is the last stage of the race, being an Individual Time Trial, we can expect a late start and arrival for the main contenders.


For this reason we plan to do a short morning ride, then after being back to our hotel and shower, head to Nice center and watch the end of the ITT live. We think this is the best way to enjoy this last day.


Our ride includes the Col de Vence, another iconic climb in the vicinity of the beautiful town of Saint Paul de Vence.

Dinner in Nice.


Day 10
63km / 1,275m.
CLIMB: Col de Vence.
HOTEL: Radisson Hotel Nice Airport


DAY 11: Fins aviat! 

After breakfast, as our hotel is just near Nice’s airport, we will organize drop offs according to our clients needs during the morning.



TWIN room:  5,650 Euros pp twin share.
SINGLE Supplement:  1,250 Euros
Rental bike:  850 Euros

Rental road e-bike: 850 Euros, limited availability, book early.

1,000 Euros when making the booking. Balance to be paid 120 days before the trip starts.

10 nights of accommodation between 3 – 4 Stars, hotels may change from the ones we initially plan depending on availability when confirming for all the group.

10 breakfasts.

10 lunches, picnic-style on longer days. 
10 dinners, including wine.

You will receive a pair of bib shorts and our new 2024 jersey.

International flights.

Travel insurance.
Hotel extras: mini-bar, spa, massage.
Tips for the staff.

We will have ride leaders and at least one mechanic on our trip.

Our staff/client ratio is 1:4 staff.
Our passenger vans come fully equipped with all necessary to give the best support during the rides.
We carry gels, energy bars, powder mix, water, fruit, riding food, tools, pumps, spare tubes and tyres to make sure our first-class support helps you through the trip.
Professional first aid kit.


Adapting to the changes in international change after the COVID-19 pandemic, and incoordination, with most of the hotel’s terms and conditions, we are adjusting our cancellation policy accordingly as follows:

120 days before the trip starts – the return of your deposit minus any expenses that we may not be able to reimburse.

90 days before the trip starts – partial refund of the amount of the trip less 300 Euros cancellation fee, plus any amount that we can’t recover from Hotels, and other costs that we may have already incurred in the trip preparation.

Less than 60 days before the trip starts – no amount will be refunded. We will, however, try to credit as much as possible towards a future trip. This depends on the amount that we can get back from the hotels and other costs that we have already incurred in the trip preparation.

We highly recommend to contract travel insurance as soon you pay the deposit and buy your international flights.

Make sure your travel insurance covers:

  • Refund of the amounts paid in case you need to cancel for any reason.
  • Covers the cost of possible damages to your rental bike. Check our T&C for this.

For the reasons, we won’t be holding any spots until the full deposit has been paid.

Hotels are now more strict with how many rooms they are willing to have on hold for groups, so until deposit payments are made we won’t be able to confirm your spot.



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