Do you have a discount for non-riders?

Yes, we do offer a 20% for non-rider participants, however, we have a very limited number of spots for non-riders and is some trips this option may not be available. Grand Tours trips are quite the ideal ones to bring your non-riding partner.


Do you plan activities for the non-riders?

Not in our general itinerary, most of the time the non-riders need to travel by van to our next destination. When we are staying at the same hotel for a few days, we can suggest on activities to do in the area.


How many riders do you take on your trips?

We don’t have specific numbers, however, we find that 8 to 16 riders are quite an ideal number for our group dynamics and support.


Can I bring my kids?

As with non-riders, this will depend on the trip you chose. In this case is better to consult with us, so we can plan the best option.


How do I book a trip?

The first step will be to fill up our booking form and send to us. From here we will check your requirements and if all is in place then we will send you the invoice with instructions to pay the deposit. 90 days before the start of the trip we will ask you to pay the remaining balance.


How far in advance do I need to book a trip?

Any time is good, however, to avoid disappointment, we suggest to book as soon you are sure that the trip and dates you are looking for are good for you. Sometimes we can take late bookings but it may be harder to guarantee all your requirements.


What’s your cancellation policy?

Check on our trips information for detailed information about our cancellation policy.


I want to organize a private custom trip, is this possible?

Of course, is becoming more common for groups friends or a company to want to get their own custom trip. Contact us and let us know your needs at tony@sfidacycling.com. Then in a short period of time, we will return to you with an initial draft itinerary and approximate cost and take it from there.





What are the minimum and maximum age to participate as a rider in an SFIDA Cycling trip?

Minimum age is 18 years old, maximum age, as old as you think you can still make it to the top and smile. Remember our staff is there to support you all the time.


When I book a trip, can you guarantee that it will run?

Cancellations can happen. This is the reason that we need you to send us the booking form first. Then if the trip departure is guaranteed we will confirm and prepare the invoice and deposit requirement.

Don’t book your flights until we confirm that the trip of your choice is guaranteed to start.


Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, you need to have a personal travel insurance that can cover any medical expenses and hospital services.


Can you help me with my travel arrangements?

Yes, we have partnered with a personal travel manager. We will put you in contact in case you require this service.


If I’m travelling alone but want to share a room with another traveller so not to pay the single supplement, how do you organize this?

We will pair you with another traveller of the same gender.


What is the hotel standard in the SFIDA Cycling trips?

Hotel standards can vary depending on our destinations, however, we always chose the best option available. This means that the hotel is in the location we need it and fits the trip requirements. Expect 3-4 star hotels most of the time. This information is available on each trip itinerary.


Do I need to bring my own GPS?

Ideally yes, we found out that most of the time our clients don’t really use the GPS for directions, only for distance, elevation and other riding data. A few weeks before your trip starts you will receive links to our routes so you can download on your GPS device.




How do you arrange different rider levels during your trips?

Depending on the size of the group we divide the riders into 2 or 3 groups. Each group will start and finish the daily ride independently with their own ride leader and support van driver and a fully equipped van. This allows us to have smaller groups riding together, in our most challenging trips, this is key to make sure you don’t spend more time than necessary on the road and more time recovering back at the hotel.


What type of support do you provide during the rides?

Our support vans have all the equipment we need for our daily rides in terms of food, drinks, and mechanical tools. During the ride, there will be at least one ride leader with the group.


What type of mechanic support can I expect?

On every SFIDA Cycling trip, there will be at least one bike mechanic. If you are renting one of our bikes, we make sure that it is in good condition from the start to the end of the trip, so if some maintenance is needed it will be arranged.

If you bring your own bike, expect our mechanics and staff to help you in building it up and packing it at the start and end of the trip if needed. During the trip, don’t hesitate to ask if some unexpected maintenance or repair is needed.


If I have special dietary needs, how do you arrange this?

Most hotels are used to different dietary request, it is important to let us know as soon you book one of our trips, so we can make sure your needs are covered.




How fit I need to be to participate in a SFIDA Cycling trip?

Depending on the trip you decide to come, you will need a different level of bike fitness. Check with us before booking your trip, with a bit of your riding information we can suggest how to get ready for a SFIDA Cycling trip.


Do you have a packing list?

Yes, we do, this will be sent to you as a few months the start of your trip.


What type of documents do I need to bring?

The essential document is your passport. If you plan to extend your holidays and rent a car for example then your national driver’s license too.


How much should I tip my SFIDA Cycling guides?

Tipping is at your discretion, we highly appreciate that you tip our guides and drivers if you think the service was up to your expectation.

At SFIDA Cycling we pay a daily salary to all our guides and drivers, but tips are always welcome.




Do you always have rental bikes available?

We try, however, if we have a big number of rentals on a similar size we may need to source between some of our collaborators.

The sooner you book your rental bike the better.


If renting a bike what I need to bring?

Pedals, saddle, bike shoes, helmet, bike computer and its mount.


If I bring my own bike, what kind of support can I expect from your mechanics?

If you bring your own bike, expect our mechanics and staff to help you in building it up and packing it at the start and end of the trip if needed. During the trip, don’t hesitate to ask if some unexpected maintenance or repair is needed.

We ask our clients bringing their own bike to make sure it is properly serviced before the start of the trip.


What about my bike box?

Once you build up your bike at the start of the trip, your bike box will be traveling in our luggage van until the last day. This way you don’t need to worry about it during the duration of the trip.